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Need Serious Help

Hiya everyone,

My name is Katie, and I'm new. This is my first post, and I apologize that it's not a proper introduction. I am in such turmoil I don't know which way to go or what to do. I don't feel strong to stand on my own. I feel codependent and weak. I have been in an abusive online relationship with a young "man" for about to a little over four years now. He lied to me, he cheated on me, he abused me, and he backstabbed me. He continues to do this. Furthermore, when he gets tired of those he chose over me, he tries to run back to me. I am so madly and deeply in love with him that while I KNOW that he must go and be forever out of my life, I give him chances...the last one he broke had provisions with it. Of course he never kept any of his promises in the time we were together. Call me crazy for feeling this strongly about a guy I never saw face to face, touched or spoke to...but he promised so much, and I loved him so much, there was just something about him...

HOW do I get OVER him?!?!?!
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