kickedpuppy (kickedpuppy) wrote in we_want_love,

lj proposal

I met my boyfriend on livejournal several months ago. I am pondering asking him to marry me via livejournal in several months, and I am open to input, suggestions, etc., as to how to make the most of the impending occasion. Does this sound like a horrible idea? I'm not trying to be cheesy or cheap and I may decide to do something all together different... but I think it might be cool, and he may get a kick out of it if I did it via livejournal... perhaps with some extra stuff in person.... How would you do this if I were you?
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ohh boy i would do it in person!
Yeah... we've kinda talked about it since. It is something we both want (to be married, that is). Perhaps we will do a photo montage or something following the "big event," and post that, but I think I'm going to hold out and wait for him to ask me the "old-fashioned way."
I found your name under the "marriage" community.

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